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NITRITE TEST 0.002 - 1.00 MG/L NO2-N

Merck NITRITE TEST 0.002 - 1.00 MG/L NO2-N

Spending Type : Consumable
Category : Chemical Reagent
Type : Test Kit Reagent
SKU : 1.14776.0001

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Deskripsi Merck NITRITE TEST 0.002 - 1.00 MG/L NO2-N

114776 Nitrite Test Metode: fotometrik 0.002 - 1.00 mg/l NO₂-N 0.007 - 3.28 mg/l NO₂⁻ Spectroquant®

The method is analogous to EPA 354.1, APHA 4500-NO2- B, and DIN EN 26 777.

This Spectroquant® Nitrate Cell Test allows the accurate quantification of nitrate in water samples. Nitrate is an essential nutrient required for the growth of animals and plants. However, elevated levels of nitrate can be a health risk, in particular for pregnant women and infants. Therefore, nitrate levels in water sources are regulated in many countries.

Method applied: In acidic solution nitrite ions react with sulfanilic acid to form a diazonium salt that reacts with N-(1-naphthyl)ethylenediamine dihydrochloride to form a red-violet azo dye which is determined photometrically.

The Spectroquant® Reagent Test Kits contain highly stable, ready-to-use reagent mixtures to perform the analysis according to the procedure described in the accompanying instruction leaflet.

All our Cell and Reagent Test Kits are equipped with the unique Live ID which allows seamless method recognition and contains essential information such as lot number, expiry date, and automatic calibration updates.

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