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CYANIDE CELL TEST free + readiliy libera

Merck CYANIDE CELL TEST free + readiliy libera

Spending Type : Consumable
Category : Chemical Reagent
Type : Test Kit Reagent
SKU : 1.14561.0001

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Deskripsi Merck CYANIDE CELL TEST free + readiliy libera

114561 Uji Sel Sianida (sianida bebas dan siap lepas) Metode: fotometri 0.010 - 0.500 mg/l CN⁻ Spectroquant®

The method corresponds to DIN 38405-13 and is analogous to ISO 6703, EPA 335.2, APHA 4500-CN-E, and ASTM D2036-09 D.
USEPA approved for wastewater.

This Spectroquant® Cyanide Cell Test allows the accurate quantification of the free and readily liberated cyanide content in aqueous samples.

Method applied: Cyanide ions react with a chlorinating agent to form cyanogen chloride which together with 1,3-dimethylbarbituric acid forms a violet dye (pyridine-free König reaction) that is determined photometrically.

The Spectroquant® Cell Tests come with prefilled 16 mm round cells and all the required reagents to perform the analysis according to the instruction leaflet provided.

All Spectroquant® Cell and Reagent Tests are equipped with the unique Live ID which allows seamless method recognition and contains essential information such as lot number, expiry date, and automatic calibration updates.

Simpan pada +15°C hingga +25°C.