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CHLORINE TEST 0.010 - 6.00 MG/L CL2

Merck CHLORINE TEST 0.010 - 6.00 MG/L CL2

Spending Type : Consumable
Category : Chemical Reagent
Type : Test Kit Reagent
SKU : 1.00599.0001

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Deskripsi Merck CHLORINE TEST 0.010 - 6.00 MG/L CL2

100599 Chlorine Test (bebas dan total chlorine) Metode: fotometrik, DPD 0.010 - 6.00 mg/l Cl₂ Spectroquant®

This Spectroquant® Chlorine test allows the accurate quantification. Chlorinated disinfectants are still in common use all over the world, their major applications being in the chlorination of drinking water and swimming pools. In weakly acidic solution free chlorine reacts with dipropyl-p-phenylenediamine (DPD) to form a red-violet dye that is determined photometrically. In the presence of potassium iodide, also combined chlorine is measured in this reaction.
The method is analogous to EPA 330.5, APHA 4500-Cl2 G, and DIN EN ISO 7393-2.
This method is USEPA approved for drinking water.
All our Cell and Reagent Test Kits are equipped with the unique Live ID which allows seamless method recognition and contains essential information such as lot number, expiry date, and automatic calibration updates.

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