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Merck NITRITE IC-STD 1000 MG/L 500 ML

Spending Type : Consumable
Category : Chemical Reagent
Type : Certified Reference Material (CRM)
SKU : 1.19899.0500

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Deskripsi Merck NITRITE IC-STD 1000 MG/L 500 ML

119899 Solusi nitrit standar merunut SRM dari NIST NaNO₂ dalam H₂O 1000 mg/l NO₂ Certipur®

atau disebut juga : Nitrite standard for aqueous matrices ready foruse

Simpan pada +15°C hingga +25°C.

Concentration     β (NO₂⁻)990 - 1010 mg/l
Determination method: Cerimetric titration.
The content of this solution was determined by back-titration with Ammonium(II) ferrous sulfate (article number 1.03792) standardized by Cerium(IV) sulfate (article number 1.09092) against volumetric standard Iron(II)ethylendiammonium sulfate (article number 1.02402). The expanded measurement uncertainty is ± 0.7 % (k=2 coverage factor for 95% coverage probability). The certified value is traceable to primary standard NIST SRM 8040 (NIST: National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA) by means of volumetric standard Iron(II)ethylendiammonium sulfate measured in the accredited calibration laboratory of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany in accordance to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.