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EZ-Fit Family : Alat filtrasi untuk preparasi sampel air

Untuk memenuhi aturan Permenkes untuk Analisa Air dengan metode filtrasi membran, Merck-Millipore menawarkan produk EZ-Fit Family nya untuk membantu analisa anda lebih produkfif.

EZ-Fit Manifold

The EZ-Fit™ Manifold’s unique design includes quick-fit connectors for assembly and disassembly without tools and a low profile to increase operator comfort. Plus, all internal areas are accessible for easy cleaning, facilitating biofilm prevention. Different filtration heads, all with quick-fit connections, make the manifold compatible with disposable filtration devices, stainless steel and glass funnels.

  • Different filtration heads fit to both reusable and disposable filtration devices
  • Easy biofilm prevention
  • Quick-fit connections for the filtration heads, the valve and the vacuum tubing
  • Low height for ease of use in laminar flow hoods


Manifold Base

EZ-Fit® Manifold base, 1-place, stainless steel EZFITBASE1
EZ-Fit® Manifold base, 3-place, stainless steel EZFITBASE3
EZ-Fit® Manifold base, 6-place, stainless steel EZFITBASE6


Manifold Head

Microfi l® fi ltration head for EZ-Fit® Manifold (1 unit) EZFITMIHE1
Microfi l® fi ltration head for EZ-Fit® Manifold (3 unit) EZFITMIHE3



Thanks to its compact design the pump is ideal for use on both the work bench and in the laminar flow hood where its small footprint will save precious space. The vacuum is provided thanks to a maintenance-free diaphragm and specific check valves that allow liquids to run through the pump. Simply connect the pump to your manifold or filtration apparatus and place the discard tubing to drain and you are ready to filter.

  • No handling of liquid waste
  • For microbiological analysis, according to ISO standard
  • Noise reduction design
  • Compact design
  • High performance flow rate
  • Maintenance-free technology
EZ-Stream® Vacuum Pump EZSTREAM1
Silicone Hose – autoclavable Internal diameter: 9.5 mm (3/8 in.) Length: 5.0 m (196.8 in.) STREAMTUB